Welcome to the SAM-buddy peer-mentoring website for first-year or tranfer student

Operated by Human-Service - the office of on-campus student personal support & counseling services

We extend our warm welcome to you now that you are soon beginning your first academic year in this institution. We would like to inform you, there is a free of charge support program sponsored by the university that helps you adjust for the first eight weeks of the most challenging period of your first semester or if you choose to go on for six weeks in the spring term. Our peer-mentors (upper year students) can answer your questions, share their valuable experiences about academics, social life, and a lot more.

What is the program about?
Please, read our introduction flyer HERE for more information. You can also receive information about the program highlights in the registration office.

If you are interested becoming a mentee (being mentored) in the UNI peer-buddy program, you are welcome to fill in the online application form and press on send. You will be contacted by our office about all the further details.

Click here to access the application form!