Did you know that May 10th is the Birds and Trees Day?

Last change: 19.08.2018 02:15


Did you know that May 10th is the Birds and Trees Day? On this special day, we are celebrating the environment around, and a group of students from the University of Veterinary Medicine planted some trees in the park.  


The Birds and Trees Day in Hungary has a tradition of hundred years. The Birds and Trees Day, initiated by Ottó Herman – scientist, journalist, politician, and the last Hungarian polymath – became official in Hungary in 1902 and it is still celebrated every year. The traditions aim to raise awareness to the environment and the importance of nature.

On this event, our students from the first-year biology planted trees in the University’s park, before that they had a presentation with the representative of Greenpeace, Karolina Bilej, who talked about the organization's plans and activities. Also highlighted the importance of protecting our environment and encouraged the students to get more involved in this work.


We would definitely like to make a tradition out of the tree planting movement. I would like to thank the University of Veterinary Medicine for its help and support to make this happen.” - said Máté Váczy-Földi, organiser of the tree planting.


See you on the next Birds and Tree Day!