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1. Prevention and control of transboundary and emerging viral infections of pigs in Central Europe

Supporting Organisation: International Visegrad Fund (website: Visegrad Fund Logo Blue

Application ID: 21510133

Project summary: The project will target emerging viral diseases that threaten the security of food production. Devastating diseases as African swine fever, porcine epidemic diarrhea and others are approaching V4 countries from the East. In order to prevent these epidemics and their transmission to the rest of Europe the project will focus on the harmonization of diagnostic methods, exchange of scientific knowledge, training veterinary professionals and increasing the awareness of the general public.

Coordinator: University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest (HU) -


  1. The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (SK) -
  2. Warsaw University of Life Sciences (PL) -
  3. National Veterinary Research Institute (PL) -
  4. University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (CZ) -
  5. National Food Chain Safety Office (HU) -
  6. Centre for Agricultural Research, Hungarian Academy of Science (HU) -

Implementation Period: from 01/09/2015 to 30/10/2016

Further information: Ms. Eszter Takács, project manager, University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, Hungary, e-mail:, phone: +3630-331-6113  


Publications within the framework of the project:

DOWNLOADABLE BOOKLET: Transboundary and emerging viral infections of pigs in Central and Eastern Europe

HUNGARIAN VERSION: Határokon átnyúló és újonnan felmerülő vírusos sertésmegbetegedések Közép- és Kelet-Európában




For free copies please contact us.


Events within the framework of the project:

1. Scientific workshop on "Prevention and control of transboundary and emerging viral infections of pigs in Central Europe"

Date of the event: 12-13 November 2015

Location of the event: Hotel Benczúr, H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr utca 35. Hungary (website:

Participants: Researchers from the participating V4 partners and other Central and Eastern European Institutions


12 November 2015 (Thursday)

 10:00-12:00    Arrival, registration

12:00-13:00    Welcome lunch

13:30-17:30        1. Opening

2. Scientific programme: Transboundary viral diseases, ASFV, PEDV, PDCoV, PPV, PRRSV, PCV (diagnostics, prevention, epidemiology, economy, etc)

a) Introduction and outline of the global situation of the targeted diseases - dr. Tamás Tuboly (download the presentation here)

b) Disease specifics by Country – Presentations in 20 minutes per country.  

i.    Hungary (+ focus on PPV) - dr. Ádám Bálint (download the presentation here), dr. Attila Cságola (download the presentation here)

ii.    Poland (+ focusing on PRRSV) - dr. Grzegorz Wozniakowski (download the presentation here), dr. Tomasz Stadejek (download the presentation here)

iii.    Ukraine (+ focus on ASFV) - dr. Oksana Blotska (download the presentation here), dr. Nataliia Gavrasieva (download the presentation here)

iv.    Slovakia - dr. Stefan Vilcek (download the presentation here)

v.    Serbia - dr. Zsolt Becskei - dr. Vladimir Polacek (download the presentation here)

vi.    Romania - dr. Marina Spinu (download the presentation here)

vii.    Czech Republic - dr. Vladimir Celer (download the presentation here)

viii.    Russia - dr. Alexey Zaberezhny (download the presentation here)

ix.    Croatia - dr. Dinko Novosel (download the presentation here)

18:30-             Dinner

13 November 2015 (Friday)

9:00-12:00          1. Scientific discussion

a) Discussion of  the global and V4 (extended) situation
b) Outline of summary to be transmitted to veterinarians
c) Determine future diagnostic, preventive and control measures
d) Discussion of promising upcoming calls for proposals and possible joint scientific projects - guest speaker: dr. Anikó Juhász (download the presentation here)

2. Closing

12:30-13:30    Lunch (optional)

14:00-             Departure


2. Event title:  Lectures for State Veterinarians 

Event website: Not available. The information on organized training and program were submitted directly to state veterinary services.

Description: Presentations on African swine fever and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, currently the most important emerging diseases of swine in Poland, will be included into the training “Selected infectious diseases of swine” organized in the National Veterinary Research Institute. The training addressed to state veterinarians is a part of a series focusing on protection of animal health and public health.

From-To: 04/02/2016 - 05/02/2016

Program: dowload here

City: Pulawy

Country: Poland


3. Event title:  Current Virus Diseases of Pigs

Event website:

Description: Meeting organised by Czech veterinarians and will take place during veterinary festival organised annually in April in Hradec Kralove.

From-To: 08/04/2016

Program: dowload here

City: Hradec Kralove.

Country: Czech Republic


4. Event title:  Meeting of Visegrad VET+ network

Event website: Not available.

Description: Annual meeting of Visegrad VET+, a Central- and Eastern European informal network of the national Veterinary Chambers with 13 member countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece). The Hungarian representative Dr.  Zsolt Pintér will give a presentation on our project results and on the epidemiological situation in Hungary.

From-To: 06/05/2016 - 08/05/2016 To

Program: dowload here

City: Subotica

Country: Serbia


5. Event title:  Lecture at annual conference for veterinary practitioners

Event website:

Description: Congress on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber, lectures and trainings in different sections. Project related lecture of Dr. László ÓZSVÁRI: Financial losses caused by animal diseases with special regard to PRDC on swine farms.

From-To: 14/05/2016

Presentation available: download from here

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary


6. Event title:  Lectures for Veterinary Society

Event website: Not available.

Description: Lectures for veterinary society (veterinarians, diagnosticians, producers) at annual congress of the Slovak Chamber of Veterinarians

From-To: 27/05/2016 - 29/05/2016 To

Download presentations and abstracts here:

  • Prasací cirkovírus 2: epizootológia, prenos a prevencia – presentation; abstract
  • Identifikácia a analýza významných a menej známych vírusov na farmách ošípaných a u diviakov na Slovensku - presentation; abstract

City: Jasná, Demänovská Dolina

Country: Slovakia


7.  Event title: Emerging Infectious Diseases of Animals: Strategies in Surveillance, Control and Eradication

Type: international workshop

Event website:

Description: The purpose of the meeting is to provide an update on the identification, tracking and control of emerging infectious diseases of animals.  State-of-the-art lectures will discuss licensing procedures for  novel vaccines for emergency use, novel surveillance, diagnostic and control strategies, as well the environmental factors affecting disease outbreak and spread. The meeting is designed to bring together subject matter experts from academia, industry as well as national and international regularity agencies.

From-to: 28-30 September, 2016

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary